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Nadine Bitar
Urban Planning + Design, Placemaking -Founder

''40's was always a big number that i felt scared of and it is with this fear that i came to Sultaneh at 32 in order to plan a to do list for my 40's 😉 a request she swiftly put into the perspective of the need to develop tools to know myself more . Sultaneh breadth of knowledge and depth of understanding enabled me to navigate through my attitudes, behaviours , beliefs to unearth the underlying stream that shapes my truth and thus ,unravelled organically the potential I longed for. Her candid, straightforward, honest and compassionate feedback incited me to learn more how to be true to myself . During our interactions, I experienced the un-ravelling and the un-wrapping of confusion into cognition and clarity ;it is from a position of presence rooted in self-acceptance ,understanding and mostly peace that she taught me to turn around situations . The journey we took together influenced greatly where i reached today and how i perceive my unique value and genuine contribution to the world."

Fatima Al Muhairi

The work Sultaneh does is on two levels: awareness and self reliance. She helps people to be aware of the existence of some deeply rooted ideas that can hinder growth. Self reliance comes when an individual chooses to correct those beliefs and to live enlightened. Sultaneh's sessions are very deep and you wish they stay longer.


"I can divide my life into two distinct phases 1. Before meeting Sultaneh and 2. After meeting Sultaneh. My life before meeting her was marked by a lack of clarity, predominance of the mind and lack of heart, blurred vision of life and lack of passion, all of which resulted in a considerable amount of fear, pain and low confidence, in spite of working in big companies and earning significantly. A part of me knew that this was not my true path, but there was no clarity on what direction I should take. After meeting Sultaneh, things started changing gradually but dramatically. She first guided me and brought me face to face with the purpose of my life. That itself was hugely uplifting and liberating. She gave me clarity at every critical stage and slowly edged me closer to living in alignment with my soul's purpose. Now I live fearlessly in the heart, experience unbound joy and passion, and I'm well on my way to creating a magnificent life. I thank Sultaneh for this transition, and wish her all the very best in her endeavor of leading many a souls from the darkness of pain to the joy of light and love. I am blessed to have you in my life, Sultaneh."

Ziad R Alasadi

"I had the privilege to work closely with Sultaneh on my personal achievements both personal and profesisonal. Through her coaching methods, Sultaneh helped me identify and analyze the thoughts that acted as obstacles to my achievements. Her methods showed me how to recognize and overcome all root causes of those obstacles, which in turn helped me focus more on my goals and prosper. I believe my time spent with Sultaneh was very valuable, and I would like to continue my journey with her in the future."

Karem Obeid
Chief Audit Executive

"Sultaneh Naeem is a true professional who helped me see that leadership is not just about my job, it's about who I am. The coaching sessions reinforced and accelerated my journey toward self-actualization and I acknowledge that I have received tremendous value and benefit.This coaching program is an investment in one's self; I would recommend the program to anyone seeking success, improvement and self-actualization."

Mouza R.

"Sultaneh is an extraordinary soul with a pure heart and clear intentions. The work done with her is out of this world, as she helped me see my life is beautiful. I am grateful for all the love and help she has given me throughout the past couple of years. Thank you Sultana for helping me see myself as the soul you have already seen since the first day we met."

Rafea Al Mheiri

"Sultaneh is a person who taught me how to look deep into myself to find answers that I seek. Some coaches help you find answers, but you are reliant on them. You seek them every time you are on an edge or in the middle of a road that splits, and look to them for answers. But Sultaneh teaches you how to find the answers yourself by helping you to better understand yourself and look at things from different perspectives. She is firm, realistic, yet very compassionate and understanding. I value every conversation we had. I feel safe knowing I can come back to Sultaneh anytime."

Maha Hamdan

"Although I have a decent, stable life, which looks great from the outside, I still suffered from stress, anxiety, fear, and an inability to determine what I should be doing in my life. Sultaneh took me by my hand and helped me connect with myself and understand who I am. I can't thank Sultaneh enough. I owe her a lot, and wish everyone can meet her and make changes for the better."

Noura Almazroui

"I love her way of coaching, it's simple, raw, and authentic. She helped me rediscover myself when I felt totally lost, grow in the areas I struggled the most, and release fears that were holding me back. She taught me life's basic principles, which will help and support me through my journey. My life changed dramatically; I'm so thankful and grateful to Sultaneh."

Shaikha ALQ

"When I first met Sultaneh, I was filled with a lot of self-doubt, insecurity and fear that clouded my vision for the future. Any goal I pursued I failed at, and any business I tried to make work didn't seem to work. With the guidance of Sultaneh, I have learnt so much about myself, and how to love myself, accept myself and care for myself. She has helped me grow into the person that I am now and I am forever grateful for her help and guidance."

Aarti Acharya

"The way Sultaneh simplifies the complexities of the mind and brings thoughts on track is remarkable. She takes you to the root of the problem, which gives you amazing clarity about where exactly the problem is. My ankle pain was totally gone after meeting Sultaneh, because she guided me to change my wrong thoughts, which were being manifested in my body as stagnant energy. When my thoughts changed, the pain went away. The bigger miracle was that I ended up getting a job of my choice by focusing on what I want rather than focusing on what I don't want. Sultaneh is AMAZINGLY AWESOME."

Haleema O

"TWIG has been a very enlightening guide for me on my self development journey, Sultaneh has been both a firm and compassionate mentor in helping me define and correct my issues and come to terms with who I am, my strengths, and the areas in my personality that require growth. I have found a safe environment where I can open up and talk about troubles I had, large and small, and go down to their root to understand why I was facing them and how to adjust my mind set. I am now more aware of the way I was thinking and the way I reacted to certain situations, and reflecting on myself has become a daily routine."

A. AlOwais

"I truly cherish Sultaneh's work; it has been a remarkable journey. She helped me grow into the vision I've always had for myself and aspire for constant correction and improvement. I overcame many obstacles through implementing the right mind set, forgiveness and giving in to Allah (Tawakul)."

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