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Sultaneh Naeem

Welcome to the TWIG Consultancy.

I founded TWIG, because it is my mission to inspire and empower individuals to transform their lives through self-realization and self-mastery. Each one of us has the potential to live in abundance and prosperity, yet so many of us find ourselves trapped in persistent cycles of fear, uncertainty, and self-doubt. If you are here today, then I know that you are ready to make a change. Whether you are a CEO or a stay-at-home parent, working with a coach can bring about incredible personal transformation and enable you to become a leader in your own life.

Before you go on, I must be clear that at TWIG we do not deal in rash promises or quick fixes. We cannot give you the Seven Steps to Happiness or the Five Keys to Creating Wealth. They simply do not exist. Instead, we specialize in mind tuition, or coaching our clients to understand their thought patterns and natural preferences, and to use this understanding to set new intentions for growth and self-development.

It is our sincere belief that through awareness, acceptance and appreciation of past experiences, you can create a life of affluence and enjoy peace of mind. We at TWIG pledge to support you at every step in this endeavor. We will help you to nurture an attitude of courage, to take personal responsibility for your feelings, thoughts and beliefs, and to allow guidance and healing energy to flow.

Together, we will work to unlock your limitless potential, focusing on a number of key areas, including:

– Developing your personality profile;
– Increasing focus and productivity;
– Opening yourself up to new perspectives;
– Improving self-esteem;
– Working through your fears and uncertainties;
– Leading with vision and appreciation;
– Living a life of purpose and fulfillment.

At TWIG, we are committed to coaching you towards your highest potential. To learn more about how we work with both corporations and individuals, please take a look at the services section of the website and do not hesitate to get in touch.

All my best,
“As we inspire & empower each other”
Sultaneh Naeem

Leadership & Personal Growth Expert
Mind Trainer

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