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The TWIG Consultancy offers interactive group training courses and seminars to corporate and non-profit clients, which can help you fulfill your potential through leadership skills training in areas like:

– Team building

– Strategic planning

– Creative thinking

– Decision-making

– Personal branding

– Effective communication

– Conflict management

Fast-paced and highly experiential, our workshops and seminars are uniquely designed to equip CEOs, senior managers, and leaders from a variety of backgrounds, with the practices and competencies necessary to lead successfully at the personal, interpersonal, team and organizational levels.

Our clients tell us that TWIG workshops and seminars provide a strong developmental foundation for both new and seasoned leaders, enabling them to:

– Gain a clear and in-depth assessment of the current state of their leadership.

– Learn how to tap the power of emotions, both their own and those of others, to significantly increase their personal leadership effectiveness.

– Create a meaningful development plan based on their psychological needs, values, underlying abilities, talents, and personal leadership aspirations.

– Increase their ability to handle stress, adapt to new situations, and successfully manage change.

– Develop the ability to appreciate and collaborate with others, particularly those with differing personalities, backgrounds and values.

– Discover how they can develop greater influence in their organization through the ongoing expression of their focus and vision.

Please check back soon for our training calendar, which is currently in development, or give us a call to discuss bespoke options for your organization.

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