About TWIG


Our principles


At TWIG, our principles underlie every area of our practice. We believe that:

  1. Everything is energy;
  2. Energy cannot be created or destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to another.
  3. We are all one in existence;
  4. To give and to receive are one in essence;
  5. We are where our attention is;
  6. Words create;
  7. Transformation is achieved only with intention;
  8. Healing happens at the level of the mind, rather at the level of behavior
  9. Childhood biography is our biology;
  10. Every moment in life is an opportunity to choose again and to redefine our conscious direction;
  11. Personal responsibility and self-inspection are necessary for transformation.
  12. The law of cause and effect is the most fundamental law of life. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, rather it can be changed from one form to another.

Our difference

At TWIG, we are committed to zeroing in on the root cause of your challenges: your underlying thoughts and emotions. Through guided mind training, you can better connect with your inner purpose and identify the thoughts and perceptions that are holding you back.


– Focuses solely on your actions.
– Suggests that you can create a “new” self.
– Focuses on effects and outcomes, rather than causes.
– Does not deal with the root causes of your problems and recurrent thought patterns.
– Produces only short-term gains and short-lived accomplishments.
– Has limited long-term effectiveness


– Gives you greater awareness of how you think, feel, and act.

– Enables you to reduce stress by changing your reaction to external circumstances.

– Empowers you to be at the cause of your life, instead of its effect.

– Sets the stage for sustainable, intentional change.

– Creates a long-term vision for your life, rather than just quick fixes.

– Opens you up to receiving abundance in your life by promoting self-acceptance.

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