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what is coachingThe underlying philosophy behind coaching is that every person has a natural giftedness and unlimited potential that is waiting to be set into motion. By partnering with a coach, individuals can unlock this potential and grow with intention, be it in their personal or professional lives. Coaching enables individuals to make organic choices become leaders in their own lives, by building awareness, acceptance and appreciation of their thoughts, preferences, and past experiences. In short, coaching supports individuals at every level in living with purpose and becoming who they want to be.

Основные RGBAn individual or team might choose to work with a coach for many reasons and in varying circumstances, such as:

– When a new challenge, goal or opportunity is on the horizon.
– When a gap exists in knowledge, skills, confidence or resources.
– When there is a lack of clarity and choices to be made.
– When success has started to become problematic.
– When work and life are out of balance, creating undesired consequences.
– When core strengths need to be identified, along with how best to leverage them.

The benefits of coaching are as wide ranging as the individuals involved. Our clients report that coaching positively impacted their careers as well as their lives by helping them to:

  1. Become more self-aware and self-reliant.
  2. Identify challenges and potential hindrances to growth.
  3. Take responsibility for their thoughts, actions and commitments.
  4. Improve self-esteem and self-worth.
  5. Increase focus and productivity.
  6. Find purpose and fulfillment in life.
  7. Live a more balanced life, with greater personal and professional satisfaction.
  8. Contribute more effectively to their organization and community.
  9. Collaborate more positively with others (friends, family, partners, and colleagues).
  10. Communicate with awareness and intention.
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